Jennifer Vazquez

Jennifer Vazquez

Child Care Genius University Adjunct Professor
EOS/Traction Business Expert
EOS Certified Business Coach
Former Multi-Site Child Care Owner

My name is Jennifer Vazquez, and I consider myself to be the very definition of a “self-made woman.” 

After years in the corporate realm and real estate industry, I pursued my dream in 2012. That dream was to create a learning environment that would stand out.

It wasn’t easy at first. I had the odds stacked against me by purchasing a near-empty preschool in a downward economy; I had no experience in the education field, and the assistant director resigned a few weeks after I took over the business.

Within a year, A Sunny Start Preschool was operating at full capacity. I was proud to offer high-quality services that no other school in our area provided.   

After experiencing such humbling success with my first school, I was fortunate to open the doors of our second center, A Sunny Start Preschool II, in 2015.   In 9 months, the center went from a prior evicted tenant to a fully enrolled and thriving center. 

Towards the end of 2016, I began searching for a third center.  This time, I wanted a stand-alone building in Miami, FL.   Unfortunately, I did not have the credit to obtain an SBA loan. As a result of the real estate market crash, I had to file for bankruptcy to save my home and thus did not have the credit to obtain an SBA loan.  The lack of credit did not stop me from searching for centers to purchase.  I found a fantastic center for a whopping $ 3.8 million!  There was no way I would get financing for such a significant transaction, let alone that I did not have $ 400k+ to spare for a down payment.   Fast forward 15 months, the REIT purchased the center for me, leased it back to me, and I negotiated the whole deal from $ 3.8 to $ 2.8 million!

After 12 months, the center’s enrollment increased, and so did the bottom line.  

Implementing innovative technologies, education protocols, and many other quality standards earned my center accreditations, awards, and high demand from parents.  This led to purchasing my two additional, profitable preschools to be featured in the Brian’s book Child Care Millionaire.

Managing three centers with 50 staff and over 300 children quickly became a nightmare.  I worked 16-hour days, constantly putting out fires, burned out, and miserable!

Thanks to implementing EOS in my business, I had happy staff, families, and kids.  I worked ON my business and not IN my business.  My net profit grew by over 700%.  My staff turnover decreased from 55% to 25%.  Most importantly, I GOT MY LIFE BACK!

Post-Covid, my team successfully rebuilt the centers to the highest enrollment in the company’s history.  Staffing was a challenge, but my team managed and rocked it.  In the summer of 2020, I was approached by a broker asking If I wanted to sell my centers.  I was not in the market to sell, although I would consider selling for the right price.  The process of selling was intricate and lengthy.   On December 31, 2021, my centers were successfully sold to one of the nation’s largest private childcare centers in a multi-million-dollar deal.

My passion has become helping other entrepreneurs grow, scale, improve culture, and get their life back as I got mine.

“The sky is the limit with hard work, dedication, belief, mindset, and vision” -Jennifer Vazquez

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