Brian's Links to Order Forms

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the links below to open the order forms

If you would like to send an order form directly to the client, open the order form by clicking the link. Then copy the link from the search/url bar, and paste it into your email.

NOTE: Subscriptions are charged every 30 days (not necessarily on the first). We can start the first group’s subscriptions on the first, but should discuss how to handle setting up subscriptions further, if payment at the time of enrollment, then every 30 days isn’t acceptable.

NOTE: To adjust rates to be different than these order forms below read will require a manual transaction from the contact record. See Support if you need assistance with this – especially for subscriptions. Variations can be made, but they will need additional set up.

Confirmation Page with Links to FB, Questionnaire and Participation Agreement

*Note, anyone who makes a payment to join CCGU will land on this page. If you do it for them, you will land on it and you will have to share the URL in chat for them to see it. But they will receive all of these links via email as well.

Links to the items on the above page