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Child Care

30 Days of Growth
& Transformation

Childcare Mindset

A positive mindset is essential to personal and professional success.  Child care owners, directors, and teachers should get ready to go on a 30 day transformational journey with our quick and easy game plan for a mindset shift. Since it takes around 21 days for the average person to develop a habit, the 30-day format creates a positive mindset habit that develops and will last a lifetime.

Child Care Mindset Dreams, Goals & Gratitude Journal

Childcare Mindset Dreams and Goals

We highly recommend coupling this book with the Child Care Mindset: 30 Days of Growth & Transformation book. The Journal will help you to have and write down your goals and dreams and help you reflect on the things you are grateful for. Both the Journal and the book worked on and done together will be a transformation of epic proportion in your life.