E11 – Empowering Teachers with Effective Behavior Mastery Methods for Challenging Children with Ron Shuali

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If you are frustrated with the constant parade of your teachers bringing difficult children to your office because they just cannot handle the behavior issues, if you are worried about losing a teacher due to challenging children, but also want to keep the children enrolled to keep the business running, today’s podcast episode is for you.

We are joined by Ron Shuali, M. Ed., creator of Yogarate and the Behavior Mastery System.

Ron is an author and motivational speaker on a mission to empower and re-energize teachers and child care staff when it comes to behavior management.

“You process thoughts and emotions so much differently when you are in a heightened state of joy and happiness.”

Working with children displaying difficult behaviors is one of the leading contributors to staff turnover and burnout. Many owners are looking for solutions and tools to equip their teams to successfully navigate these challenges in the classroom. Ron Shuali is here today with several solutions and free tools to empower your teams.

Tune in to hear Ron walk us through his simple five-part system that can turn around any iffy behavior situation in a jiffy.

When you listen, you’ll learn the details of the Pattern Interrupt, the Preframe, the Powerlook, the Unique Positive Reinforcer, and Fast Forward Testing.

It’s not as complicated as it might sound.

These techniques focus on adding fun and silliness into the structure of your day.  This is important because you process thoughts and emotions so much differently when you are in a heightened state of joy and happiness.

Many of Ron’s techniques actually help children to reprogram their own behavior patterns, because they begin choosing more desirable behaviors on their own.

As a benefit to our listeners, Ron is offering his video series that you can use to train your teachers for free. Just scroll down for the link. You can also find several free videos and trainings on his YouTube channel. Ron is available to speak or train at your school.

Tune in to hear the answer to this week’s listener question: 

Dear Brian & Carol: I have several children with behavioral issues and I am frustrated with the teachers constantly bringing the children in my office when they cannot handle them. I do not want to kick the children out and I do not want to lose my teachers. Please help.

Yolanda, MD

Tune in to hear guest expert, Ron Shuali, share several effective techniques to help children feel seen, heard, and valued, allowing them to communicate better. Ron also gives a resource where you can get his Behavior Mastery Course for free. Tune in now)

More about Ron Shuali: 

Ron Shuali, M.Ed. has been called the “Messiah of the Mind”, the “Bad Boy of Early Childhood” and the “Behavior Master”. His laughter-filled keynotes, workshops, and assemblies are always full of eye-opening experiences as audiences have multiple “Ah-HA!” moments. He is the creator of Yogarate and the internationally acclaimed Behavior Mastery system. Ron holds a Master’s of Education, is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and most importantly…He is funny. His background of martial arts, yoga, reiki, professional wrestling, and improv creates hilarious and educational experiences focusing on mindfulness and connecting with fellow humans and their inner child.

To contact Ron Shuali:

https://www.youtube.com/user/shualife  – tons of free content

Free 20 part video series

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