The power of franchising your childcare business

E20 – The Power of Franchising Your Child Care Business with Dana Oliver

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Have you ever had a babysitter cancel at the last minute on date night?

What’s a parent to do if they have a hair appointment or an impromptu business meeting they have to get to but don’t have child care lined up?

Our next guest, Dana Oliver, pondered some of these very questions and had an epiphany.

Dana is the president and CEO of Adventure Kids Playcare. Adventure Kids Playcare is a drop in child care franchise that is in high demand right now. It’s currently expanding into new markets across the country.

The Adventure Kids Playcare hourly drop in child care franchise specializes in catering to the flexible work schedules of parents. Dana believes that providing much needed flexible child care is a great business model.

Dana shares a pivotal moment that led her on the path to create her business. After talking with other parents about common child care dilemmas.

“What do you do when you want to workout? What do you do when you want to go out on a date night? And I got the same answers. Well, get a babysitter. If they cancel, you stay home. Bottom line.”  Dana knew that there had to be a different way of doing child care that could accommodate parents.

After doing a lot of research Dana developed Adventure Kids Playcare. It allows parents the flexibility that they need and provides kids a place they want to go. Adventure Kids Playcare offers a wide variety of child friendly activities to keep kids engaged. Tune in to hear Dana describe the fun offerings at her centers.

After having great success at her first location, Dana knew she was on to something and eagerly started looking for a second location within a few months. Shortly after that Dana was approached by someone who had heard about her business and asked if she would be interested in franchising. Dana’s answer was “sure of course!”. Flash forward, Adventure Kids Playcare has 18 locations and is still growing. Listen in to hear how Dana has effectively led her team.

Dana enjoys working with her franchisees. “It’s a built-in peer group and they’re all vested in your success.” Dana elaborates on how franchisees can reach out to each other to be each other’s sounding board and bounce ideas off one another. “Having that network built in is such a benefit.”

Each market is different, but we can see how effective this drop in child care business model can be in big markets where there is a high demand for flexible child care.

To contact Dana Oliver:

If you’re interested in franchising your business and would like some guidance, you can reach out to Dana Oliver through her website.

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