Working with Your Spouse as a Business Partner

E22 – The Power of Working with Your Spouse as a Business Partner with Michael and Mandi Braswell

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Today we are welcoming Michael and Mandi Braswell, owners of Country Kids Academy in San Antonio TX to our podcast. They share with us their unique story of how they started in the child care industry, the struggles they faced and overcame, and the power they found working together as business partners in their child care business.

Michael and Mandi are students in our Child Care Genius University coaching program and they reveal the reasons why they felt compelled to join and some of the best parts of being in the program. Michael said one of the main reasons he was open to coaching is that he doesn’t ever want to “get stagnant and not grow. Inspiration comes from the group, and there is value in having an outside perspective.” Listen now to hear more.

One of the struggles this couple faced is how to divide the responsibilities of the business, and then stay in their own lanes. Michael and Mandi discuss how they worked through this issue and how they resolved it.

There is power in working together as a couple – you are there to hold each other up (especially on the bad days). But there are also obstacles to overcome in figuring out your lanes and solutions to problems that you might not agree on.

There is so much more to this story. Tune in now for some inspiration and insight, especially if you are running your child care business with your spouse.

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