Pioneering a Holistic approach to child care education

E40 – Pioneering a Holistic Approach to Child Care Education with Mayosha Mendis

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On the podcast today we welcome Mayosha Mendis, the owner of the Transformational Education Adventure Center (TEA Center for short), a unique child care center located in McLean, Virginia.

Mayosha shares her journey of transitioning from an environmental scientist to a child care business owner. She explains how her desire to provide the best education for her daughter led her to start her own child care center, which quickly gained popularity in the area.

Mayosha discusses how her program is different from other centers in the area, with a holistic approach that includes leadership training, daily yoga and mindfulness, language immersion, and environmentally based programs for the students. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on the whole child and providing a multitude of enrichment programs for the children. Tune in to hear more about the diverse range of classes that are provided at the TEA Center.

Listen in as Mayosha reflects on her experiences in the first year of opening her business. She sees mistakes as learning experiences that help her improve. Mayosha advises aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in what they are doing and work hard to achieve their goals.

Mayosha also shares how coaching with Brian and Carol has helped her business grow and achieve a return on the investment. We will be coaching Mayosha as she sets goals for the future, including opening a second school and giving herself more time and freedom to step away from her business.

Mayosha’s story of following her passion and creating a unique and successful child care center is very inspirational for listeners who are considering opening a specialized and holistic based child care center or looking for ways to improve their own businesses by incorporating new ideas to promote leadership programs for the children in their centers.

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