The journey of a mother-son child care team

E42 – From Family Bonds to Business Success: The Journey of a Mother-Son Child Care Team with Chasen and Julie Thomas

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Have you ever thought about starting a child care center with a family member? Then you’ll definitely want to tune in to the Child Care Genius podcast today! In this episode we are sitting down with the mother-son team,  Julie and Chasen Thomas, who recently opened the Stanley School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a family-run child care center with a unique and purpose-driven approach to early childhood education.

In this episode, the founders Julie and Chasen share valuable insights into the challenges of starting a school from scratch, tackling topics such as supply chain issues, permitting delays, and the struggle to find quality staff. They emphasize the significance of a strong support network and the power of mentoring and coaching for personal and business growth.

This podcast serves as a compelling story for aspiring entrepreneurs and educators, providing a firsthand account of the obstacles commonly faced when starting a child care business or early childhood school. Owners Julie and Chasen highlight the importance of perseverance and mentorship in overcoming these challenges.

Listen in as Chasen and Julie share their unique perspective, working side by side as a mother-son partnership in our industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain practical knowledge and inspiration from the founders of the Stanley School.

It’s been a long haul starting their child care business from the ground up but Julie and Chasen prove having a clear business plan and a genuine dedication to providing top-notch care are necessary requirements to make it big in the child care industry.  We look forward to watching them grow and succeed!

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