A Male Leader in Child Care

E68 – The Unconventional Journey: A Male Leader in Child Care with Brian and Carol Duprey

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Welcome to episode 68 of the Child Care Genius Podcast! We’re excited to share some fantastic news! Tickets for the upcoming Child Care Genius Live Conference in Las Vegas from April 14th-16th, 2024 are now available at a special Black Friday rate. But hurry, this offer won’t last long—visit childcaregenius.com for more details!

This month, our podcast is highlighting a special series focusing on men in child care. In today’s episode, unforeseen circumstances have led me to step into the interviewee role. I’ll be delving into my eight-year journey running our child care center solo, sharing insights, challenges, and the successes along the way. Join me as I discuss the unique dynamics of managing a child care business as a man in an industry traditionally dominated by women.

Carol and I also share some personal insights into our dynamic roles, with her homeschooling our five children while I took the lead in the child care business. We talk about the transition of roles, the hurdles faced as a man in an industry dominated by women, and the triumph of passing the business back to Carol. It’s a candid and heartwarming conversation that provides a unique perspective on our journey.

In this episode, I’ll also be offering advice for men interested in the child care business, exploring the thriving demand and the incredible potential for success. Additionally, I’ll share insights into why I started writing books about my experience in the child care field and the valuable lessons they hold for aspiring entrepreneurs in the child care industry. Tune in for an engaging episode filled with peals of wisdom and an intimate view of our adventure into the child care world!

Mentioned in this episode:

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