E70 – Beyond Tradition: Building a Unique Child Care Model with Family with Andrea Wortman and Kate Fifield

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Have you ever entertained the idea of working with a family member in your child care business but are uncertain how it would work out? Join us today for episode 70 of the Child Care Genius podcast! We’ve got a dynamic duo on the show—Andrea Wortman and Kate Fifield. They are a mother-daughter team but they make sure to keep their relationship strictly professional at work. These two powerhouses run an incredible child care program in Oregon which is quite unique since it is not a traditional brick-and-mortar child care center. Their program is called Club K which offers exceptional hands-on learning experiences through their various activity zones.

Andrea, the seasoned pro, started off as an educator and ventured into the child care business with a modest plan that exploded into a massive 10,000 square foot center, thanks to her sister’s help. Kate, who practically grew up in the child care business, initially had no intention of joining it professionally. With a degree in accounting and project management, she carved her own path until circumstances led her right back to the family business.

Their shift from traditional centers to relying solely on public school spaces is a tale of adaptation and innovation, peppered with unique challenges of its own. Listen in as Andrea and Kate discuss the challenges of working as a mother-daughter team, handling conflicts, and balancing personal and professional dynamics. Kate also talks about why she chooses to call her mom by her first name in the workplace.

Their business goals for the future are as diverse as their backgrounds, yet they’re so aligned in building a better, more efficient child care model. In their child care program, their mission is to make sure the kids are safe, they are learning and having fun. Andrea and Kate were also gracious enough to share the nuggets they gained from our full-day site visit at their programs. Hearing them talk about their takeaways and the impact our visit had on their business was incredibly heartening. If you’re a child care business owner looking for inspiration or insights about working with a family member, this episode is a gold mine.

To Contact Andrea Wortman and Kate Fifield: www.clubkafterschool.com

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