E71 – Charting Success: A Year-End Review for Child Care Owners with Brian Duprey

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Welcome to episode 71 of the Child Care Genius podcast! I’m flying solo today. It’s almost the end of 2023, which is a perfect time to review how things went with your business this year.

In the podcast, I’m diving into an essential topic for child care business owners – the end-of-year wrap-up. I encourage you to reflect on your 2023 journey – the wins, turnovers, and those lessons learned. I also strongly recommend you listen to Darren Hall’s insights from CCG episode 69 on smart tax planning.  Darren offers a wealth of tax knowledge and provides practical tips you can implement right away.

Listen in as I break down the basics for crafting your 2024 budget using actuals from the past year as a starting point for your financial blueprint. And don’t miss out on goal setting –  I highly recommend jotting down those business and personal aspirations to pave the way for success. If you need help getting started, Carol and I have a Child Care Mindset: Dreams, Goals, and Gratitude Journal we created.  The journal can be purchased on our website. What you want to accomplish in 2024, whether it be staffing goals, revenue goals, profit goals, it’s very important to have that written down.

Join us in shaping a brilliant year ahead! From attending insightful conferences to tuning into our podcast, we’re here to champion your child care business journey. Tune in for practical advice and actionable strategies. Let’s make 2024 your year of business brilliance!


Mentioned in this episode:

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