E72 – Navigating Change: A Tale of Transition into Child Care Leadership with Michael Braswell

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Welcome to episode 72 of the Child Care Genius Podcast! On the podcast today, Carol and I are thrilled to have Michael Braswell as our guest. Michael is a child care center owner in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Now, Michael’s not just any guest; he’s recently landed a fantastic role at Child Care Genius University as the VP of Business Development and Coaching.  We’ve known each other for years, connected through his mother, whom I’ve coached in the past. During our conversation, Michael shares his unconventional journey into the child care world.

Listen in to hear about what led Michael and his wife Mandy to leave lucrative jobs in other fields to embrace the wonders of child care ownership. They couldn’t have predicted that helping Michael’s Mom navigate her child care center during the tough and uncertain times of the COVID pandemic, would have resulted in a life alternating career change. Not only do Michael and his wife currently own that same child care center, now they’re setting their sights on center number two!

Throughout our coaching sessions, Michael’s growth and willingness to learn has been nothing short of impressive. His knack for refining processes and guiding couples through the unique challenges of working together is exceptional. Michael is a welcome addition to Child Care Genius University. We know Michael will have a positive impact on child care business owners through our Child Care Genius University program.

Tune in to Episode 72 of the Child Care Genius Podcast to learn more about our VP of Business Development and Coaching. Michael is over the moon about being able to help other owners with their child care business ventures.


To Contact Michael Braswell: Michael@childcaregenius.com


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