E74 – Succeeding in the Ever-Changing Child Care Landscape with Lisa Giancarli

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We welcome you to episode 74 of the Child Care Genius Podcast, where we’re diving into a brand-new year and its unique challenges. Today, we’re joined by Lisa Giancarli, a seasoned child care business owner from central New Jersey and CCGU Professor, offering a fascinating glimpse into her journey within the industry.

In this episode, Carol and I find ourselves recording in an unusual setting, dealing with the nuances of beginning the year with a brush against the forces of nature. But amidst this distinctive backdrop, Lisa’s story takes center stage, unveiling her unexpected foray into the child care world and her growth from a hesitant owner to a confident leader.

Our conversation explores the transformative impact of CCG coaching and community within the child care industry. Lisa’s experiences from our recent CCG conference in Jamaica echo the importance of genuine conversations and the strong connections forged within the child care owner community.

Listen in as we explore the lingering challenges post-pandemic. Lisa sheds light on persistent staffing obstacles and the emerging concerns surrounding children’s behavioral and developmental facets. Her insights underscore the vital need for support and resources in navigating these ever-evolving landscapes.

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet Lisa at our upcoming Child Care Genius Live Conference in April 2024. Tune in for an engaging episode brimming with insights, resilience, and the supportive network defining the Child Care Genius University!


To Contact Lisa Giancarli: Lisa@childcaregenius.com


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