E75 – Child Care Evolution: From Home Provider to Multi-Site Mastery with Christine McNally

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Welcome to Episode 75 of the Child Care Genius podcast! In today’s discussion, we’re thrilled to have Christine McNally, a seasoned child care veteran and multi-center owner from Reno, Nevada, sharing her journey. 

Ever wondered about transitioning from an in-home daycare provider to a multi-site owner and what it takes? Christine’s got the insights you’ve been curious about, drawing from her experience that spans over 26 years. Tune in to hear how she’s navigated the ups and downs, and the invaluable lessons she’s gained along the way!

We chat about everything from the challenges she faced making the leap from in-home to multi-center management to the ongoing hiring struggles in the child care field. Christine shares some fantastic insights into these topics, and her perspective is gold.

We’re also diving into her role as a Professor at Child Care Genius University, where she’s a coaching rockstar, especially when it comes to directors. Listen in as we talk about her contributions there and the amazing support network within the program.

Have you heard, there’s something exciting on the horizon at Child Care Genius? We’ve got a Child Care Live Conference coming up in Las Vegas in April 2024, and Christine’s going to be one of the featured speakers. Listen to this podcast to find out more about what’s in store for attendees and why you won’t want to miss it.

Join us for this episode packed with wisdom and experience from someone who truly knows the child care game inside out.


To Contact Christine McNally: Christine@childcaregenius.com


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