E76 – Innovative Strategies for Staff Training: A Deep Dive with a Child Care Leader with Elissa Woodle

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Welcome to episode 76 of the Child Care Genius podcast, with guest host, Sindye Alexander. Today, she has the pleasure of steering the ship while Brian and Carol are living their best genius life on a Caribbean break. Elissa Woodle, a dedicated child care business owner and one of our esteemed CCGU coaches is our guest. Together, we dive into Elissa’s journey, insights, and the ever-evolving landscape of the child care industry.

Elissa, the proud owner of two schools in Myrtle Beach, shares her passion for making a positive impact on children’s lives. Listen in as Elissa imparts her innovative approach to onboarding, apprenticeship, and mentorship programs. She discusses the integration of VR technology into her staff training, adapting to the learning styles of the tech-savvy generation. 

 Tune in as we chat about the unique experience Elissa had at the Child Care Genius Leverage Conference in Jamaica, where she served as both an audience member and a speaker, creating a space for collaboration and growth. We are proud to share that Elissa will be a featured speaker at our upcoming Child Care Genius Live Conference in Las Vegas, April 14th-16th. 

During our conversation, Elissa praises the impactful coaching she received from the incredible Brian Duprey, highlighting his role in her personal and professional development. Elissa is looking forward to providing other child care owners the same support and guidance as a CCGU coach. Join us for this fun exploration of out-of-the-box thinking for child care professionals.


To Contact Elissa Woodle: Elissa@childcaregenius.com


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