E82 – Unlocking Success: The 10 Commandments of Child Care Profitability with Brian and Carol Duprey

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Is making a profit taboo in your child care business? Tune in as we unveil the essential rules for profitability in the child care industry. Listen as we explore practical tips to boost your child care business’s bottom line and set it up for long-term success. Welcome to Episode 82 of the Child Care Genius Podcast!! Carol and I are proud to say it’s actually our 100th CCG podcast we’ve recorded to date! 

Today we dive into our 10 Commandments of Child Care Profitability, a topic close to our hearts. We’ve seen firsthand how profit can sometimes elude child care owners, leaving them struggling to stay afloat. But profit isn’t a dirty word—it’s what keeps the lights on, pays your staff, and fuels growth.

From avoiding overpaying staff to optimizing classroom space and staying financially literate, we cover it all. We emphasize the importance of having a recession plan and reducing liability to protect your business. We also highlight one of the most crucial commandments, nurturing strong leadership within your organization. Effective leadership sets the tone for your center, inspires your team, and ensures smooth operations. 

So join us as we explore these commandments and share practical tips to boost your child care profitability. Remember, knowledge is power, and by arming yourself with these principles, you can set your child care business up for long-term success. 


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