E85 – Beyond Business: Multicenter Owners’ Family Legacy with Rigoberto and Carmen Leal

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Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to balance family life while running a multi-center child care business? Then you’ll definitely want to join Carol and I on Episode 85 of the Child Care Genius Podcast as we sit down with Rigoberto and Carmen Leal, the dedicated couple behind three successful child care centers in Miami.

Listen in as we chat with Rigoberto and Carmen about their journey from finance professionals to child care entrepreneurs. From navigating the challenges of acquiring their first center to expanding their business and overcoming obstacles, they share valuable insights and lessons learned along the way.

One key attribute that sets their child care program apart is their comprehensive curriculum, which caters to children from infancy through sixth grade. Find out how they integrate early childhood education with elementary school programs to provide a seamless learning experience for children of all ages.

Discover how Rigoberto and Carmen manage to balance their roles and responsibilities while maintaining a thriving family business. Learn about the importance of coaching in their growth and development, as well as their experiences attending industry conferences like the CCG Leverage Conference in Jamaica.

Their journey is not just about business, but also about family legacy. Rigoberto shares that he always wanted to be a “family man”, and their son working alongside them is a testament to their commitment to building a lasting family legacy in the child care industry.

Join us as we discuss their vision for the future and their commitment to providing quality education and care for young children. So grab your favorite beverage and tune in as we uncover the secrets to running a successful multi-center child care business without losing sight of your family life. You won’t want to miss this insightful conversation!


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