E86 – The Power of Delegation: Balancing Family and Multiple Child Care Centers with Alecia and Darron Jones

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Are you curious about taking the leap of faith from running an in-home child care business to a full-fledged center? Well, you’re in luck! In today’s Episode 86 of the Child Care Genius Podcast, we sit down with Alecia and Darron Jones, esteemed coaching clients and the dynamic duo behind a thriving child care enterprise in Kansas City, Missouri.

Listen in as we discuss their journey from educators to child care entrepreneurs. With backgrounds in education—Alecia in elementary education and Darron in special education—they found themselves facing the challenging reality of balancing their careers with the rising costs of child care for their growing family.

Their entrepreneurial journey began with a playful suggestion from a friend, leading them to establish their own licensed in-home child care center, which eventually blossomed into multiple centers over the course of 15 years. As they share their story, you’ll hear about the challenges they encountered, from financial hurdles to navigating regulations, and how they overcame them with resilience and determination. Plus, they offer valuable insights into the benefits of coaching, sharing how it has played a pivotal role in their business growth and development.

Alecia and Darron’s approach to child care sets them apart, emphasizing authentic relationships and a family-oriented environment. Their humility shines through as they constantly strive to offer the best child care experience for their community, embodying the values of service and excellence. Learn how they’ve mastered the art of delegation to create more time for family while building a successful business.

So, whether you’re a seasoned child care professional or aspiring entrepreneur, tune in as we explore how Alecia and Darron Jones navigate the complexities of being multi-center owners in the child care industry.


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