E88 – Child Care Genius Marketing Services Launched: Unlocking Success for Your Center with Sindye Alexander

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the demands of marketing your child care business? Would you like expert guidance and support to elevate your marketing efforts and boost enrollment? If so, you’re in for a treat! Welcome to Episode 88 of the Child Care Genius Podcast, where Carol, and I sit down with the dynamic Sindye Alexander, our COO at Child Care Genius, to unveil an exciting new venture that will revolutionize the way you approach marketing your child care center. 

In this episode, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our latest endeavor: Child Care Genius Marketing. After months of hard work and anticipation, we’re excited to announce that our marketing services are now available to child care centers and early education programs everywhere. Tune in now and listen as we reveal how our team, led by the remarkable Blessing Okoro is ready to transform your marketing strategy.

Blessing, with her expertise in website design and content creation has designed over 200 child care websites, ensuring your online presence is captivating and conversion-focused. Meanwhile, Nik Raptis, who specializes in social media marketing, curates fresh content that engages and converts, whether you opt for our do-it-yourself Genius Box or our fully customized Brand Boost and Custom Connect packages.

But our services extend beyond just marketing. Our entire goal is to support every aspect of your child care business, from filling enrollment spots to recruiting top talent. With our team’s extensive experience in the childcare industry, we understand the challenges you face and tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you’re a seasoned child care owner or just starting out, our marketing services are designed to help you thrive. Tune in now to learn how Child Care Genius Marketing can revolutionize your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your child care business. Join us on this exciting journey and take your child care business to new heights!


Mentioned in this episode:

Need help with your child care marketing? Reach out! At Child Care Genius Marketing we offer website development, hosting, and security, Google Ads creation and management, done for you social media content and ads management. If you’d rather do it yourself, we also have the Genius Box, which is a monthly subscription chock full of social media & blog content, as well as a new monthly lead magnet every month! Learn more at https://childcaregenius.com/marketing-solutions/  Schedule a no obligation call to learn more about how we can partner together to ignite your marketing efforts.


If you need help in your child care business, consider joining our coaching programs at Child Care Genius University. Learn More Here. https://childcaregenius.com/university


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