E89 – Maximizing Enrollment: Strategies from the Child Care Genius Marketing Team with Blessing Okoro

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to attract new clients to your child care center? In Episode 89 of the Child Care Genius Podcast, Carol and I chat with Blessing Okoro, our website developer who’s a rockstar in the world of child care marketing. Blessing shares her inspiring journey into web design and her passion for the child care industry.

But this episode is about more than just great websites! Blessing dives deep into the challenges child care center owners face when it comes to marketing, and how the Child Care Genius Marketing team can help you step up your marketing game.

Learn why a website is your digital billboard in today’s world, where parents are searching for child care online. Blessing explains the must-haves for a website that attracts new families, including SEO-driven content, user-friendly navigation, and trust-building elements like staff bios and FAQs.

We’re impressed with Blessing’s work and are proud to have her heading up our Child Care Genius Marketing team. We believe that having a great website can make a big difference in enrollment but that’s not all! The Child Care Genius Marketing team offers a full suite of marketing solutions designed to help child care center owners take back their time. Blessing is excited to be part of the team and looks forward to helping you focus on what you do best: caring for children.

This episode is packed with actionable tips and insights, so tune in and discover how the Child Care Genius Marketing team can help your child care center thrive!

Mentioned in this episode:

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