Childcare Enrollment and Staff Recruitment Marketing Strategies

E1 – Child Care Enrollment and Staff Recruitment Marketing Strategies

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Are you looking for ideas to recruit more staff and enroll more children? You’ll want to listen to this podcast. Marketing expert and founder of Child Care Business Growth, Nick Williams, joins us on the podcast to bring us the latest marketing strategies of what’s working NOW.

Nick shares his top three strategies to attract more staff and students to your program, and outlines the biggest mistake most child care business owners make when marketing.

When you tune in, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to compete with large franchises with big budgets
  • How to stop relying on word of mouth to grow your business
  • How to share your story in a way that will connect with your ideal prospects and attract them to your school
  • Strategies to position yourself as the expert in your community
  • How to get your team to become your biggest marketing partners, and WHY you should use this one key strategy to do so.

Tune in to hear the answer to this week’s listener question:

Dear Brian and Carol, I am a new school trying to build enrollment. Where’s the best place for me to advertise to get new students? -Gabrielle, South Dakota

(Expert guest Nick Williams answered this question live on the podcast, and you don’t want to miss his answer including the two best ways to market your child care business.  )

If you’d like to connect with Nick visit to learn more. They help child care business owners with marketing, video production, websites, backend automation, and staff recruitment.

You can get tickets to the upcoming Child Care Business Growth Live 2022 Conference HERE!

Plan to come to spend 2 days working on your business vs working in your business. This conference is purely informational, no pitches or offers. We will be focusing on marketing, staff recruitment, mindset, growth, staff culture, and more

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