Childcare Staff Attraction and Retention Strategies

E7 – Intentional Child Care Staff Attraction & Retention Strategies with Beth Cannon

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Our guest today on the Child Care Genius Podcast is Beth Cannon.

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator, and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams.

Beth serves as a keynote speaker, conference presenter, digital course creator, coach, and consultant.

Today we discuss one of the biggest challenges child care business owners are facing today; finding and keeping terrific teachers for our programs!

Are you paying attention to the tension inside your center? Creating an environment where each person feels valued, heard, and understood is key to your hiring and retention success.

“Be relentless to fight for the culture you want!”

– Beth Cannon

Beth recounts how things are different now when it comes to hiring, and shares with us her three-part strategy for attracting and retaining quality staff. Her insights are spot on.

She brings up the concept of an employer brand as well as the components needed to build one for yourself. Tune in to learn how this simple concept has a huge impact on the attraction and retention of staff.

Beth also reveals what she believes is the number one qualification to look for when hiring. Hint: It’s not experience or education…….

Beth says it’s time to stop training your employees like it is 1980 and she gives us a few tweaks that can easily be implemented to bring your training and onboarding process out of the dark ages.

This episode is full of insights and inspiration that will help you find more teachers and caregivers that are a great fit for your program, as well as give you several strategies to set them up for success and keep them on your team longer. Listen now.

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Tune in to hear the answer to this week’s listener question:
Dear Brian & Carol: I have a serious problem with employee turnover at my center. It seems that each time I hire someone new, someone quits, and I can’t ever seem to get fully staffed. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Lauren, CT

Tune in to hear guest expert, Beth Cannon, give Lauren strategies for doing a culture check to ensure she can attract and retain top talent. 

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