Avoid These TEN Financial Mistakes Today!

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We created this financial mistakes report for one simple reason:

Mistakes Cost Money!

Each time you make a financial mistakes it sets your company back and keeps you from reaching your financial goals.

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We started Child Care Genius to help other center owners from making the same financial mistakes we made when we first started.

It is often said that experience is the best teacher.

We say someone else’s experience is a much better teacher!

Learning from the mistakes of others costs you nothing, and gains you everything.

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Why you should never give your teachers free child care, and what you should do instead.

As your business becomes more profitable, learn when it's safe to add bills to your personal or business budget.

A simple strategy to earn free travel or cash back just for paying your bills

How to avoid overpaying for equipment for your child care center.

How to raise your rates twice annually without parents even noticing it.

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