Crafting Compelling Offers: Promotions and Incentives to Attract New Families to Your Child Care Center

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By Blessing Okoro


Depending on your local market, child care can be a fairly competitive business. Attracting new families (especially ones that are the “perfect fit”) to your center requires more than just a welcoming environment and qualified staff. One effective strategy is to create irresistible offers, promotions, and incentives that not only catch the attention of prospective parents but also provide them with compelling reasons to choose your center over others. In this blog, we’ll explore the art of crafting such offers and how they can significantly boost enrollment.

Understanding Your Audience:

Before diving into creating offers, it’s crucial to understand your target audience. Consider the demographics, preferences, and needs of the families in your community. Are they primarily working parents seeking full-time care? Do they value educational programs or prioritize convenience? Are there other factors to consider such as shared values or extended care needs? Understanding these factors will help tailor your offers to resonate with your audience effectively.

Types of Irresistible Offers:

  • Enrollment Discounts: Offering a discount on enrollment fees or the first month’s tuition can be a powerful incentive for new families. This immediate cost savings can make your center more appealing, especially for budget-conscious parents. If you wanted to offer a BIG promotional discount to get more attention, you can space out applying the discount over a period of weeks or months. That way they have to stay enrolled for a number of weeks or months before receiving the full promotional discount. For example, give a “Save $600” on tuition discount, but apply $100 the first week of each month until it’s fulfilled. Get creative and see what type of enrollment discounts work best for you.
  • Referral Programs: Implementing a referral program rewards existing staff and families for bringing in new enrollments. You can even open up your referral program to partner businesses or community organizations. This not only encourages word-of-mouth marketing but also fosters a sense of community among your school family. Consider offering discounts, free weeks of care, or other rewards for successful referrals. If you give a gift or cash bonus for those that send you a referral, be sure to capture that moment on camera and share it on all your social media. Do what you can to create a culture of referrals. The more you promote it, the more you will get.
  • Free Trial Days: Providing prospective families with the opportunity to experience your center firsthand through a free trial day can alleviate any hesitation they may have. This allows them to see the facilities, meet the staff, and observe the program in action before making a commitment. If you do this, and the parent will be leaving your property while the child is in attendance for a free trial day, be sure they fill out all of the state required paperwork so you remain in compliance.
  • Sibling Discounts: Offering discounts for siblings enrolled in the same center can be an attractive incentive for families with multiple children. This not only helps increase enrollment but also promotes loyalty among families who choose to enroll all their children with you. You may have to set limits or only offer a small discount, depending on your capacity, ratios, and rates.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Capitalize on holidays, back-to-school season, or other significant events with seasonal promotions. Whether it’s offering a discount for summer camp enrollment or providing special themed activities, seasonal promotions can generate excitement and drive enrollment.

Crafting Compelling Offers:

When crafting offers, it’s essential to highlight the value proposition of your center. Emphasize what sets your child care facility apart from the competition. Whether it’s your highly qualified staff, innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, or focus on individualized care, make sure these unique selling points are front and center in your promotions.

Additionally, ensure that your offers are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Avoid overwhelming prospective parents with too many terms and conditions. Instead, focus on simplicity and transparency to build trust and credibility.

Promoting Your Offers:

Once you’ve created irresistible offers, it’s time to promote them effectively. Utilize a mix of marketing channels, including your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and local advertising. Create compelling graphics and messaging that grab attention and clearly communicate the benefits of your offers.

Consider partnering with local businesses or community organizations to extend the reach of your promotions. Collaborating on joint promotions or hosting events with community partners can help attract new families who may not have otherwise discovered your center.

Tracking Success and Adjusting Strategies:

Finally, track the success of your promotions and incentives to determine their effectiveness. Monitor enrollment numbers, track referral sources, and gather feedback from new families to understand what resonated most with them. Use this data to refine your strategies and continue optimizing your offers to attract new families effectively.


Creating irresistible offers, promotions, and incentives is a powerful strategy for attracting new families to your child care center. By understanding your audience, crafting compelling offers, promoting them effectively, and continuously refining your strategies based on feedback, you can significantly boost enrollment and position your center for long-term success in the competitive child care industry.

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