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Do you even know what that term means?  I know for the longest time building in our business we did not know what it meant.

LEVERAGE means working less and get paid more.

LEVERAGE means working for one hour and getting paid for hundreds of hours.

LEVERAGE allows you to be able to run your business and not have your business run you!

LEVERAGE allows you to be the owner of your business, instead of the business owning you!

LEVERAGE allows you multiply your time and get paid what you are worth.

LEVERAGE gives you the time freedom to work when you want and how hard you want.

Are You Ready to

Stop Being Overwhelmed

with the Struggles that Come with Running a High-Quality Child Care Business?

Constant competition from other child care businesses in your area for both families and staff.

Managing finances and maintaining profitability due to increasing costs – including labor, supplies, and overhead.

Dealing with high turnover rates among families as well as caregivers and teachers. It seems like you get one or two in the door and another leaves.

Marketing and promoting your business effectively. With everything else on your plate it’s hard to fit this in.

Staying current with industry best practices and trends while meeting the demands of daily operations and managing the business.

Balancing work and personal life. It seems like the business needs have taken over every aspect of your life and you can never catch a break.

Or are You Looking For

Ways to Improve

Your Business Operations
& Your Bottom Line?

You want to proactively create a positive workplace environment and build relationships with staff and families, but are always looking for fresh ideas.

You have systems for business operations in place, but know they could be improved or made more efficient.

You are interested in expanding to more locations or acquiring additional schools, but aren’t quite sure where to start.

You want to increase the quality of your program but need help to determine where your gaps are and where to begin making changes or improvements.

You are looking for ways to reduce expenses, maximize profitability, and maybe add additional revenue streams to your child care business.

Gaining Leverage in your Child Care Business is all about Shifting the Fulcrum so you Can

Work Less and Achieve More!

The first thing you must do is shift the fulcrum.

Picture a teeter totter.  Put a 100 pound person on one side and a 200 pound person on the other side what happens?  The 100 pound person is dangling up in the air while the 200 pound person is sitting on the ground.

There are two solutions to this problem.  You can do more work by adding another 100 pound person and equaling the weight, OR you can SHIFT THE FULCRUM.

The fulcrum is the balance point of the teeter totter, by shifting the fulcrum towards the 200 pound person, you can have a 100 pound person equal to a 200 pound person.

It’s all about finding balance.

How do you shift your business fulcrum?  By working smarter and not harder.

Don’t do more work, do less.  Just work smarter.

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