Pay it Forward

Pay It Forward

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One of the best ways that I can help child care business owners succeed is by helping them adopt and maintain a strong positive mindset, pay it forward. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” The key to your success begins with the way that you THINK.

I will regularly bring you mindset-related content geared towards helping you to have the best possible frame of mind to get through each day. If you have any mindset-related questions that you wish to have answered in my column, you can send it to I can keep your name out of the post if you wish to remain anonymous.

Check-in with us on the Child Care Genius Podcast as I will also be conducting brief interviews with successful business owners that demonstrate incredible mindsets so they can share some of their secrets with you now and then. If you have a specific topic related to a positive mindset you wish me to write about, feel free to e-mail and let me know. I am here to help you in any way I can. Now go enjoy the happier version of you!

Pay it Forward or Reap What You Sow…

I have always held to the firm belief that you get what you give; do unto others as you would want to be done unto you. It is Biblical; some call it Karma when you do something good and something good to happens to you in return.

I’d like to apply this concept to the way we often behave on social media. I am Facebook friends with a lot of child care center owners,  probably more than a 1,000 of them. Sometimes, I am in shock at some of the posts I see them make on social media attacking other people; business owners, and other businesses.

I have seen these people tell the world via social media how their luggage was lost, how a front desk clerk looked at them the wrong way, how a restaurant got their order wrong and more.

When was the last time an irate parent did the same thing to you? Went on social media telling the world that you lost their kid’s shoe, you charged them a late fee unnecessarily, how you raised your rates so you can get rich?

You reap what you sow.

If you don’t want bad reviews, don’t give bad reviews. If you want people to say nice things about your center, say
nice things about other people and their businesses. Do not run to social media to tell the world when you are
frustrated, because guess what, no one really cares.

That porter that was late getting your luggage may have been helping an elderly woman who collapsed in the lobby.

Maybe the front desk lady who looked at you the wrong way may have just found out her mother has cancer.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

~Lisa Meade

Remember the movie Pay it Forward, where you do something very nice for someone and ask them to pay it forward for 3 other folks. Let’s have more of that in the world. If you want more positive reviews, give more positive reviews. If you want people to say nice things about you, go out and say nice things about others.

If you are a center owner, find out where your parents work and ask if you can give their business a positive
review. They will be much more apt to return the favor if you did something nice for them.

Telling the world via social media may make you feel better when you are frustrated, but in the end, it will do more harm than good. If you are always looking for the good in every situation, and realize that people make mistakes (including you) and no one is perfect, you will start to live a much happier life.

Now go forth and find something good to say on social media, there can never be too much positivity in the world!

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